1. Window screens should be present and in good condition.
  2. There should not be any visible “junk”, clutter nor any non-patio items on the patios or decks. Patio items typically include a table and chairs, umbrella, and barbeque.
  3. All windows shall be in good condition, i.e. no broken or cracked windows. Any window tinting must remain in good condition.
  4. The front door areas shall be free of debris, potted plants and any other items that may be deemed to cause a safety hazard, damages the stair landing or appears unsightly.
  5. There shall be no potted plants or other items placed on top of the stucco walls. The use of plant hooks so that they are facing on the inside of the stucco wall is acceptable.
  6. All homeowner’s shall have only the authorized door locks that were originally installed by the developer.
  7. No heavy items shall be allowed to hang from any awnings.
  8. Only one decoration on the front door is allowed per unit.
  9. No items shall be hung or otherwise permanently attached to the stucco walls. No penetration into the building or patio wall stucco of any kind is permitted, except for utility purposes such as cable or telephone.
  10. All homeowner’s must have a properly maintained lens cover on their patio light for their unit.
  11. Holiday lighting and decorations shall only be allowed three weeks before and 1 week after any particular holiday.
  12. Only appropriate window coverings as per the CC&R’s are allowed.
  13. No window air conditioning units are allowed.
  14. Private patio trees and plant material must be properly maintained and trimmed. No private patio tree shall exceed the height of the building roof.
  15. Private patio and balcony area must be kept tidy and free of unsightly debris.
  16. No signs allowed except for a “For Sale” sign or “For Lease” sign, which must be displayed in a window. If a window is not available, one sign may be hung from a balcony or front gate using temporary attachments such as plastic cord or string. If none of these options are available, then one sign may be placed in the common area until the unit is sold or leased. Any signs usage is at the discretion of the board of directors.