• Due to the increasing popularity of satellite TV, the Le Parc HOA would like to state the following installation guidelines for satellite dishes and cabling issues. Le Parc homeowners are encouraged to share this information with any satellite dish installers to insure proper and safe installation of satellite dishes and related cabling.
  • Any Le Parc homeowner is allowed to have a satellite dish installed in Le Parc.
  • Each building has at least one (1) satellite pole installed on the roof.The purpose of these satellite poles is to allow a proper place to install a satellite dish without damaging the roof, roofing structure or stucco.Each satellite pole holds between 2-3 satellite dishes depending on how they are attached. Should a satellite pole become full the association will install additional poles as needed.
  • All satellite dish installations must have prior architectural application approval prior to any work being completed.
  • There is no one specific way toattach the satellite dish to the satellite pole, but typically some type of bracket is used to attach the dish to the pole.  Installers can look at other installations as a guide when installing a new dish. Under no circumstances should the metal cap on top of the satellite pole be removed to installa satellite dish. The satellite dish must be attached to the pole and nothing else.
  • The cabling needed for the new satellite dish must be installed in such a way to minimize any negative aesthetics.  This will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  The cable can pierce the stucco wall in order to enter a unit, but the hole must be properly sealed to prevent moisture from entering the building.  Under no circumstances should any cabling be attached directly onto the roof or roofing structure.  It can be laid nicely on the roof and tucked along any of the roofing impediments as needed.  Piercing the roof will only cause the roof to leak.  In order to get the cabling from a ground floor unit to the roof, one may thread the cable through the large downspout in order to hide it, or may tuck it behind the downspout,whichever works best in any particular situation.
  • No homeowners are allowed on the roofs without the permission of a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Should any problems or questions regarding this issue come up, please contact the management company for assistance.